Elite self-protection without the elite price tag.

What is Special Ops H2H™?

Special Ops H2H™ is a fighting system based on the science of human movement and reaction to pain. It contains the same science used in elite fighting systems taught to U.S. Special Operations Forces, and elite law enforcement units.

Why Special Ops H2H™?

While many fighting systems contain elements or facets of this science, Special Ops H2H™ is the only one that delivers this science in its purity in an affordable package.
And knowing the science allows you to predict the outcome of any fight. This is because you will have the knowledge to cause an action to your attacker, instead of reacting to an attacker's action against you. In short you will be the victor, not the victim.

Why is it so effective?

Special Ops H2H™ is so effective because its principles are universal to all humans. While others teach you a certain strike that works, Special Ops H2H™ teaches you why it works, and shows you the Automatic Reaction that the body gives in response to that strike. Knowing the science of why it works, that is, the pain or damage caused by a strike, and knowing how an attacker's body will react to that strike, gives you the ability to set up a sequence of strikes to devastate or destroy anyone who would try to hurt you or your family.

Years of martial arts will cost you thousands of dollars ($1000's) with little tangible, real world application. You and a partner can learn the Special Ops H2H™ system for pennies of what you would pay for martial arts, and it will give you much more confidence in your abilities.

For a demo of our products, which include previews of our Basic Hand-to-Hand and Weapon videos, click here.

Our products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied you can return your purchase for a full refund less the shipping cost.

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